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Social Responsibility
Charity Actions

In 2007, SGMW established a charity foundation with Chinese Red Cross Foundation to provide medical assistance in poor areas.

As of 2021, SGMW had donated RMB 125.7 million in total, from which more than 3 million people benefited. It had built 393 charity health stations (hospitals) in 27 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, held 33 training courses for rural doctors and community doctors, and trained 3,266 people. In addition, it had provided online training program for rural doctors continuously with more than 3,500 people trained, and it had donated 135 vehicles for disaster prevention and preparedness to Red Cross. It also funded a thalassemia project and helped 23 children with thalassemia from Guangxi.

Constructed 18 water wells, and 348 sanitary toilets for Cambodia; constructed 1 charity health center and 1 blood station in Bekasi, Indonesia and donated 4 ambulances and mobile clinic; supported Myanmar to build China-Myanmar charity medical emergency center in Laigu Township in Rangoon, and purchased an ambulance; supported Indonesia in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and donated 50,000 doses of vaccine to help people of Indonesia.

Fighting Against COVID-19 Epidemic

2020 February 13. The first batch of 200,000 "Wuling" masks were produced in only 3 days.

2020 February 16. Guangxi's first fully automatic "Wuling" mask machine was completed in 76 hours.
SGMW produced more than 200 million "Wuling" masks, among which more than 40 million were donated to different sectors.

2020 September 8. SGMW was honored "National Advanced Collective Against COVID-19", the only automobile enterprise winning such honor.